Bennington, Vermont based band Immune Friction started off as a pseudonym for Manhattan-born singer/songwriter Christopher Dayton. Along with being a gifted writer, he honed his musical skills in college, graduating with a degree in music from Keene State. Chris focused mainly on guitar, but he also plays piano, drums, bass, and sings. He began playing open mics while in school and went on to play at local venues, opening for a variety of bands. He collaborated with many musicians, trying to achieve the perfect mix for his music until he met drummer/singer Justine Curry in 2010. Justine is a native of Pittsfield, Massachusetts and has been singing since she was 4 years old. Drumming didn't come until later, although she cites watching her older sister learn the instrument growing up as a big influence. It turned out to be in her blood, as she would later find out that her great-grandfather was a jazz drummer. Chris and Justine started meeting to work on a few of Dayton's songs and had instant musical chemistry, even laying down a recording the first day! Her drumming and vocal style fit his songs perfectly.