Immune Friction started out as a solo project for Manhattan-born singer/songwriter Chris Dayton. His first album entitled "Lighting Strings To Melt Wax" is a moody, atmospheric blend of songs with thoughtful lyrics and euphonious guitar work. The band has grown to include Pittsfield, MA native Justine Curry on drums and supporting vocals. They have been featured on local TV and in radio and print, as well as at numerous events all over the Northeast and are continuing to expand their reach. Their first studio album together, “The Markets Never Sleep", was well received and as a duo released two follow-ups including an EP and an album recorded live at the former South Street Cafe in Bennington, VT. Their next full-length album, "Ethical Dilemmas", recorded and produced by Don Fury, was released 4/15/16. They released a bare-bones acoustic album entitled "Tranquility Over Embracing Form" in September of 2017 and an 8-track EP, "Coping with Insurmountable Fear", in February of 2018. Both were also recorded with Fury. The band spent 2019 and early 2020 playing shows around the Northeast in support of their 2019 full length album "Roaming Desolate Neighborhoods" and released a music video for the song "Futile Mentioning". In July of 2021 the band returned to DFS to record the "Elastic Belief" EP which is available digitally on bandcamp. They are currently preparing for some July 2022 shows and will be booking dates into the fall.